VID Specialized University
VID Specialized University

Januar 1, 2016, Diakonhjemmet, Haraldsplass, Betanien and Misjonshøgskolen merged and became VID Specialized University.

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Studenter ved VID spaserer.

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VID Specialized University College emerged on January 1, 2016 after the merger between four Norwegian institutions: Diakonhjemmet University College in Oslo and Sandnes, Betanien University College in Bergen, Haraldsplass Deaconess University College in Bergen and School of Mission and Theology in Stavanger.

VID Specialized University has a total of 50 studies at our four campuses, in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen. VID educate nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, social educators, family therapists, priests and deacons. The college provides higher education, conducts research and disseminates knowledge at a high international level within health and social care, social and cultural subjects, pedagogy, management, diakonia and theology.

No, our students have many different faiths. VID is a diaconal and church-based University College founded on Christian values. VIDs educations prepares students for a work day where you meet people who often find themselves in vulnerable situations.

V​itenskapelig (Norwegian for Scientific), I​nternational, D​iaconal. VID offers study programmes within health- and social sciences, cultural science, theology, diakonia and value-based leadership.

VID is a value based university college with high academic ambitions. Being diaconal means that the school is based on Christian values. Diakonia is to help and support people in vulnerable situations. Diakonia is the church's care services and VID educates and builds skills for these services. The four unversity colleges that now has merged, have through their combined 486 years of history worked for people in need, as their means of existence and mission.

Our students receive close academic support and follow-up. Consideration and respect are the main charateristics of our student environment so you will easily feel at home amongst our highly motivated and dedicated students. Our campuses command excellent reputations and our students are highly valued in the job market. Robust academic environments ensure the quality of your education.

VID has approximately 3300 students spread over four campuses. Our largest programme is nursing, which you can study at Diakonhjemmet in Oslo and at Haraldsplass and Betanien in Bergen.
Students at VID working.


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