VID welcomes you to the inauguration of Bård Mæland as Rector.
Glade studenter og lærer Seija Anneli Koivusalo Loe feirer vel gjennomførte studier. Foto: Iselin Bråten Yucedag
Emily R og Abigail are international students at VID. (Foto: Margrethe Søvik)
Tove Giske gathered research colleagues from the EPICC network who are developing teaching methods in spiritual care. The photo shows Tove Giske with Dr Wilfred McSherry, Dr Bart Cusveller, Dr Linda Ross, Dr René van Leeuwen and Dr Josephine Attard. (Photo: Laila Borge)
Photo: Oleksandr Ryndyk
From the VID-blog: Another chapter of the story
Outline: Haga & Grov AS
Acting rector as of 1 August
Coordinator Sigurd Riste Andersen cuts the cake with the subject coordinator, Hans Christian Michaelsen, and head of studies for the family therapy study programme, Randi Bagge.
Seminar on student-active learning
Good publication results for VID in 2018
Jeromy Limbani
Photo: Jannicke Rosenebrg-Plyhn
The European University Alliance for Integration, Inclusion and Involvement consists of six collaboration partners. Photo: Sebastian Schug
Mateus Schweyher (right) with SIK colleague Oleksandr Ryndyk (left) at the IMISCOE conference in Barcelona.