Changes from May 18: VID has prepared specific guidelines for the gradual reopening of campus starting May 18. The guidelines include completion of exams and the use of libraries and learning centers.Read the guidelines here.

Please note that all international travels for fall 2020 are cancelled.

Infection Control Course

“Training in Protective Measures for employees and students at VID” is a training course produced by the Occupational health department (BHT) at the University of Bergen (UiB) together with medical resources at UiB.

VID encourages all students and employees returning to their workplace from the 18th of May to do the training course before entering campus.

The course is available in Canvas

Questions and answers for staff and students. Updated on March 24.

  • What should I do now?
  • What does quarantine and isolation entail?
  • Report whether you are quarantined or isolated
  • Infection detection
  • Information to students and staff about alternative teaching and examination
  • Information to staff and students on campus in Norway
  • Can students apply for a leave if they want to withdraw from practice?
  • Information to students on work placement in Norway
  • Information to students and staff abroad
  • Information to staff and students planning to travel or go on work placement abroad
  • I am a student and I am worried - whom can I contact?
  • Contact information to hotline operated by the Directorate of Health
  • Advice on prevention and links to information
  • Regional advice
  • How can I help?