VID Stavanger

VID Stavanger lies with its beautiful historic buildings in a green park area at Kampen in Stavanger.

Since 1843, the school has been a global focal point for education and research in a diverse and comprehensive network. The school has approximately 400 students in total, and it creates commitment and good relationships between people and traditions – from the north, south, east and west. The study programs at VID Stavanger give you the knowledge and skills that future employers demand, both in church, in schools, in public and private sectors.

As a student at VID Stavanger you have the opportunity to integrate study stays in Asia, Africa, Europe, South or North America in your degree. The international environment, with students from more than 20 different countries, characterizes the school in several ways and creates meeting places and rooms for exciting conversations across cultures.

VID Stavanger is former School of Mission and Theology, established in 1843.


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Visiting address: Misjonsmarka 12, 4024 Stavanger. Open i Google Maps.

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