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    VID Stavanger lies with its beautiful historic buildings in a green park area at Kampen in Stavanger.

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    • Our facilities

      Campus Stavanger is a total of 8,000 square meters. To provide the best possible learning environment for our students, we have chosen to invest in high-tech classrooms with opportunities for student-oriented pedagogy.

      The social worker and occupational therapy students have been given a new and modern practice apartment adapted for individuals with special needs, as part of VID's focus on simulation and skills training for healthcare students. The apartment includes a ceiling lift, sensory room, and fitted kitchen.

      At the same time, there are plenty of informal meeting points with a great canteen and a forward-thinking new library. In the library, you will find a quiet study hall with 12 free spaces. The seats should be cleared so that they are available to others when you leave for the day. The library also has many different study spaces and small group rooms. No reservation is necessary or possible. Study spaces can be used during the library's opening hours.

    • Opening hours

      The main entrances and common areas for staff and students are open from 07:30 to 16:00.

      Between 06:00 - 07:30 and 16:00 - 23:00, you will need an access card. Touch the access card reader with your access card, enter your PIN, and then touch the card again to enter the campus.

      The building is closed between 23:00 and 06:00.

    • How to get to campus

      Click the address below to view map and route planner:

      Misjonsmarka 12, 4024 Stavanger

      From downtown Stavanger, you can take local bus number 5 to the college. You can find schedules at Kolumbus.

      Parking at the campus is limited. Alternatively, you can park at Misjonmarka 1 for a fee.

    • Digital map of the campus

      MazeMap allows you to find your way around the Bergen campus with your mobile device or PC. This app provides an overview of room names and their locations in our buildings. You can download the app for either iOS or Android, or simply view the map on your web browser.

    • Options for accommodations

      Strawberry has several hotels in Stavanger. To see offers and make a reservation, please see the Strawberry Agreement Code: 60524795 (personal profile must be created before booking).

      Scandic Hotels Agreement Code: D000045317.

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    Roman Reindal

    Campus leader

    Roman Reindal

    driftsansvarlig og campusleder VID Stavanger


    Gunhild Odden

    Gunhild Odden

    vice-rector for research


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