E-learning includes a number of forms of instruction where the learner uses ICT to receive teaching materials and assignments, works with them, discusses them, and submits papers.

E-learning contact persons

Vidar Tobiassen and Mari Digernes are the contact persons for our internal and external partners. Their areas of responsibility are development and use of flexible forms of learning:

  • Central itslearning contact persons and VID's super users. This includes responsibility for training students and employees to use VID's itslearning platform.
  • Organizing courses on different electronic applications like EndNote.
  • Helping employees use software solutions – and production of digital teaching materials.
  • Helping the faculties with use of hardware and provide training on: video conference equipment, video cameras, photographic cameras, webcams, technical equipment at the training centre, CPR manikin, et cetera.

E-learning committee

The committee promotes development and use of e-learning in accordance with VID's activity plan and the faculties' action plans. The committee will have the latest information in the field of e-learning and foster knowledge sharing and professional development at the organization, and initiate evaluations of VID's e-learning work. Read more about committee for e-learning.