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870 nye bachelorstudenter har inntatt plassene på VID.

870 nye bachelor-studenter har denne uka hatt sine første studiedager på VID

1 day ago • Denne uka har det vært semesteråpning ved VIDs studiesteder i Oslo, Stavanger, Sandnes og i Bergen. Til sammen har VID 3300 studenter fordelt på fire studiestedene.
Konferanse om tro, tillit og toleranse blant ungdom

Konferanse om tro, tillit og toleranse blant ungdom

2 days ago • VID-professor Hans Morten Haugen er en av flere forskere som legger fram sine funn på lanseringsseminaret "Tro, tillit og toleranse - ungdomsliv i en flerkulturell kontekst".

Project-based support (PES) 2017 - Centralized measures under Erasmus +

2 months ago • In order to contribute to increased Norwegian participation and gain from Erasmus +, SIU makes available up to approx. 1 million NOK to cover project launch costs for Norwegian institutions, organizations and companies wishing to develop a project applica

The Norwegian Leaving Care Conference 2017

Arrangement • Dato: 14. September • Tid: 09.00 • Sted: Pilestredet 35, Oslo
3 months ago • The aftercare conference focus on issues related to aftercare for young people leaving care. The presenters are some of the most significant international researchers in the leaving care field today. They will focus on important issues related to aftercar
Call for applications to the UTFORSK program

Call for applications to the UTFORSK program

4 months ago • The program provides support for academically-based cooperation in higher education, aimed at long-term and institutionally based relations with Brazil, India, Japan, China, Russia and South Africa.

Webinar on Project Launch Support 2017 (PES) for Erasmus + project

4 months ago • SIU invites to a Webinar on Project Launch Support 2017 Tuesday 25 April at. 11 where they will inform about the possibility of developing project applications for the centralized activities within the Erasmus + program.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

4 months ago • VID aims to get a unique URL to its YouTube channel, for easier to market their films. To do this 100 subscribers is required. Visit the channel, watch the movies, and click Subscribe to help VID to hit the target.

International office's website for employees

5 months ago • Wondering where you can find information about Erasmus + grants for employees? Are you thinking about opportunities to apply for funding to develop collaborative projects with partners abroad?
Public defence on religious knowledge practices

Public defence on religious knowledge practices

5 months ago • March 20, 2017 Øivind Holtedahl defended his doctoral thesis titled: Community, God from above and God from below: An Ethnographic Study of Religious Knowledge Practices in Two Youth Ministries in the Church of Norway.

Archive films on VID's YouTube channel

6 months ago • VID has its own YouTube channel, and it will also be used for publication of films from VID Historical Archives
New academic structured in VID

New academic structured in VID

12 months ago • Since August 1, 2016 the new academic organization structure of VID will be in effect. VID Specialized University has now got three faculties.

Election of employee representatives to the board of VID

1 year ago • Electoral received proposals on these candidates to be representatives in board of VID for the period August, 1 2016 to July 31, 2018.

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14. September
kl. 09.00
Pilestredet 35, Oslo

The Norwegian Leaving Care Conference 2017

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Livets mangfold som gave og oppgave

Skapelsesnåde. Festskrift til Svein Aage Christoffersen
Inger Marie Lid

Helende erfaringer og den levde kroppen – Vendepunktopplevelser

Tidsskrift for sjelesorg
Anne Austad, Marianne Rodriguez Nygaard, Tormod Kleiven

Challenges of participation in child welfare

European Journal of Social Work, publisert online 29 April 2017
Tor Slettebø, Sissel Seim

Nyere sorgforståelse og ulike sorgmodeller

Omsorg: Nordisk tidsskrift for Palliativ Medisin, 2017 (1), s. 5-10
Anne Austad

Effect of the Sonas Programme on Communication in People with Dementia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra
Benedicte Strøm, Knut Engedal, Jūratė Šaltytė Benth, Ellen-Karine Grov

Predictors of outcomes following reablement in community-dwelling older adults

Clinical Interventions in Aging
Oddvar Førland, Hanne Tuntland, Ingvild Kjeken, Eva Langeland, Bjarte Folkestad, Birgitte Espehaug, Mona Kristin Aaslund

Diakonia as Innovation: A Political and Organisational Perspective

Diaconia: Journal for the study of Christian Social Practice
Olav Helge Angell

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