«The Diaconal Church» is published by Regnum books

«The Diaconal Church» is published by Regnum books


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This is a significant contribution to the necessary and ongoing efforts to strengthen the connections between theology, ecclesiology, and the life of the church beyond its worship. In general, the essays are solid, clear, informative, and suggestive for further reflection and action.

Ellen Wondra, Research Professor Emerita of Theology and Ethics, Bexley Seabury Federation; Member of the WCC Faith and Order Commission

About the book: The Diaconal Church

This is a monumental volume. A wide variety of seasoned experts in theology, ecclesiology, missiology, church history and ecumenism present to us very fundamental studies on the church and diakonia. The volume demonstrates that while the church is diaconal in its essence and practice, diakonia is ecclesial in its essence as well. Articles are very well researched and grounded not only in academic excellence but also in authentic practice in the church of our time. I highly recommend it for both academic and non-academic readership.

Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki PhD General Secretary, All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)

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