Video instructions for Mobility Online

14:40 - What to do after you have send in your application?

15:15 - How to log in and see your application profile?

16:25 - How to complete your application workflow in Mobility Online?

  • How to start an application for a stay abroad? (Outgoing mobility)
  • Can I apply for all partner institutions shown on the map? (Outgoing mobility)
  • What do I do after I have received Mobility Online username and password?
  • What should be stated in the motivation letter?
  • How do I find my application after I have applied and registered?
  • Where can I find the documents to be uploaded to Mobility Online?
  • Can I change my application after I have filled it in?
  • I cannot get the buttons/links in Mobility Online to work. How do I proceed?
  • I get an error when I try to upload documents to Mobility Online. What now?
  • How do I know that my application has been submitted?
  • What happens after my application has been submitted?
  • What kind of photo should I upload to my application?
  • What language do I use when I submit documents in Mobility Online?
  • I can't go after all. How do I cancel my application?
  • There are incorrect dates for my foreign stay in the confirmation letter from VID. How do I change it?
  • I have submitted more than one application in MO. How do I find the right application?
  • Why do I need to include next-of-kin information in the application?