From the VID-blog: Another chapter of the story
Outline: Haga & Grov AS
Ingunn Moser and Bård Mæland
Coordinator Sigurd Riste Andersen cuts the cake with the subject coordinator, Hans Christian Michaelsen, and head of studies for the family therapy study programme, Randi Bagge.
Seminar on student-active learning
Good publication results for VID in 2018
Jeromy Limbani
Photo: Jannicke Rosenebrg-Plyhn
The European University Alliance for Integration, Inclusion and Involvement consists of six collaboration partners. Photo: Sebastian Schug
Mateus Schweyher (right) with SIK colleague Oleksandr Ryndyk (left) at the IMISCOE conference in Barcelona.
Dr. Agnes Abuom awarded an honorary doctorate
Associate professor Marta Struminska-Kutra
Labour market integration among newly arrived refugees
Migration to and from welfare states. Call for chapter proposals