Lise-Merete Alpers fikk Ph.d-stipend om pandemiberedskap fra Norsk Sykepleierforbund.
Sykepleierstudenter ved VID på øvingsposten
Kari Martinsen og forbundsleder i NSF.
E-læringsteamet ved SLIPP: Chris Lund, Mari Digernes og Arne Morten Rosnes (nederst).
It’s crucial to be mindful of infection control
Fall semester and infection control measures at VID
New Interns at Centre for Intercultural Communication
All International Travels for Fall 2020 are Cancelled
A demanding time for everyone
Changes for Classes on Campus from 12. March
For the 7 member institutions, 3IN Alliance is a strategic process, not a project.
The mission statement was signed in Paris on 13 February 2020.
VID is partner in a new European cooperation on Social Innovation
Emily R og Abigail are international students at VID. (Foto: Margrethe Søvik)
Tove Giske gathered research colleagues from the EPICC network who are developing teaching methods in spiritual care. The photo shows Tove Giske with Dr Wilfred McSherry, Dr Bart Cusveller, Dr Linda Ross, Dr René van Leeuwen and Dr Josephine Attard. (Photo: Laila Borge)