Photo: Oleksandr Ryndyk
From the VID-blog: Another chapter of the story
Outline: Haga & Grov AS
Acting rector as of 1 August
Coordinator Sigurd Riste Andersen cuts the cake with the subject coordinator, Hans Christian Michaelsen, and head of studies for the family therapy study programme, Randi Bagge.
Seminar on student-active learning
Good publication results for VID in 2018
Jeromy Limbani
Photo: Jannicke Rosenebrg-Plyhn
The European University Alliance for Integration, Inclusion and Involvement consists of six collaboration partners. Photo: Sebastian Schug
Mateus Schweyher (right) with SIK colleague Oleksandr Ryndyk (left) at the IMISCOE conference in Barcelona.
Dr. Agnes Abuom awarded an honorary doctorate
Associate professor Marta Struminska-Kutra
Labour market integration among newly arrived refugees
Migration to and from welfare states. Call for chapter proposals