Very Positive Evaluation of Use Your Talents
New Interns at Centre for Intercultural Communication
The EU Union flag and the Norwegian flag put together as pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.
VID became a winner in this year's allocation of funds for global mobility projects
Gradual opening of campus from May 18.
All International Travels for Fall 2020 are Cancelled
Corona update: Campus will still be closed after Easter.
Reimbursement for travel
A demanding time for everyone
Changes for Classes on Campus from 12. March
For the 7 member institutions, 3IN Alliance is a strategic process, not a project.
The mission statement was signed in Paris on 13 February 2020.
VID welcomes you to the inauguration of Bård Mæland as Rector.
VID is partner in a new European cooperation on Social Innovation
A picture, which shows the The EU flag and the Norwegian flag linked together as puzzle pieces