Reopening Plans and Classes on Campus this Fall

Reopening Plans and Classes on Campus this Fall

Reopening Plans and Classes on Campus this Fall

Reopening and start of the fall semester

The government has begun the third phase of the reopening, and VID will follow the national and regional guidelines for how students, staff and visitors on campus.

Classes will be both on campus and digitally

Physical attendance for new students is planned for the fall, and you will find all practical details for new students on this page. Until early October there will mainly be a combination of classes on campus and digital classes.

In Canvas you will find information about the fall semester 2021.

In TimeEdit you will find your schedule, as well as information about when and where you will have classes on campus.

VID will continue to follow the current national and regional rules for infection control. At the same time, it is important that all students feel as safe as possible on campus, and easily understand how they can contribute to maintaining good infection control on campus.


Library opening hours vary locally. Here you can see an updated overview.


For employees, there is a plan for a more physical presence on campus this fall. If the situation allows it, it is expected that all employees will be able to work on campus again. At the same time there is a process in progress for more flexible options regarding worki from home by one's own choice.

National and regional measures

Here you will find an overview of national measures, which apply to the whole country. The areas that have very strict measures locally and regionally will continue to retain these measures.

The government can decide which measures are to be implemented regionally in Norway in the event of an outbreak of infection. It will always be the most stringent measures introduced in an area that apply. Read more about regional measures in the event of local outbreaks.

Changes and preparedness

After all of our our experiences from the past year, VID is prepared for possible changes that may occur over the summer. VID is prepared to make changes before the start of the fall semester, in the event of national and / or regional changes to infection control measures..

Infection control course

VID encourages all employees and students to take the course "Course in infection control for employees and students at VID".

The course is located in Canvas. Click here to take the course.