Good publication results for VID in 2018

Good publication results for VID in 2018

Good publication results for VID in 2018

If we include the result for the Diakonova University College, which in 2017 had not yet become part of VID, the increase is still an impressive 35%. This corresponds to 0.81 publication points per academic FTE, which also is a step up from 0.73 in 2017.

The result of a determined effort

Bård Mæland, Pro-Rector for Research, is pleased to see such large growth.

- The increase has come in most of VID’s faculties and research centres and is a result of a broad, determined prioritisation of competence enhancement, research groups and a strong growth in the number of PhD candidates. It is especially welcome to see so many of our researchers co-publish with colleagues internationally.

Stronger international collaboration

VID researchers have co-written 49 publications with international colleagues, compared to 38 in 2017 and 23 in 2016. VID researchers co-publish most frequently with their colleagues from the UK, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland.

The Faculty for Theology, Diaconia and Leadership Studies is the most productive

The most productive academic unit at VID is the Faculty for Theology, Diaconia and Leadership Studies. This unit alone produced 94 publication points, or an average of 3.42 per academic FTE. This is a very high level in a Norwegian context.

Above the national goal

Many of VID’s academic units are also above the national goal of 20% for Level 2 publications, meaning the proportion of publications in the most prestigious publication channels. This applies to the Centre of Intercultural Communication (50%), the Faculty of Social Studies (33.33%), the Faculty of Theology, Diaconia and Leadership Studies (31.48%) and the Centre of Mission and Global Studies (20%).