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Exciting collaborative project funded by EEA Grants
Very Positive Evaluation of Use Your Talents
New Interns at Centre for Intercultural Communication
Photo: Oleksandr Ryndyk
Mateus Schweyher (right) with SIK colleague Oleksandr Ryndyk (left) at the IMISCOE conference in Barcelona.
Labour market integration among newly arrived refugees
Migration to and from welfare states. Call for chapter proposals
From left: Oleksandr Ryndyk, Gunhild Odden and Mateus Schweyher in Krakow, Poland. June 2018.
Opphavsrett: Små øyeblikk, Universitetet i Stavanger / Institutt for barnehagelærerutdanning
The FAMAC team in Liverpool May 2016. From left: Hugrun Osk Gudjonsdottir, Gunhild Odden, Mateus Schweyher, Oleksandr Ryndyk, Kathy Burrel, Pieter Bevelander