About the Citizen’s Project - CitPro

CiTPro Work Packages

  • WP1: Investigate Cases of Everyday Citizenship for Persons in Vulnerable Situations
  • WP1a: Higher Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • WP2: Research Ethics
  • WP3: Using and Developing Creative Methods
  • WP3a: The Photo Exhibition "Ulike Hverdagsliv"
  • WP4: Disability Family
  • WP5: Dementia and Welfare Technologies
  • WP6: Dementia, Everyday Citizenship, and Religio-Culture in Rural Nigeria
  • WP7: Supported Decision Making, Everyday Citizenship, and People with Intellectual Disabilities

The CitPro Events

  • International Symposium "Creative Methods in Participatory Research: Disability and Citizenship"
  • CitPro celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • International Symposium on Everyday Citizenship
  • Author Meets Critic Session with Rosemarie van den Breemer
  • Photo exhibition “Ulike hverdagsliv”

The CitPro Reading Group

The CitPro Network

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