NMS: People & places

This is primarily a list of NMS personnel, with reference to their place(s) of ministry. Our aim is to include personnel who have served Norwegian Missonary Society both in Norway and abroad. We have also included missionary children who have been buried abroad.

The information about each missionary is partly based on the following books:

Danbolt, Erling, Det norske misjonsselskaps misjonærer 1842-1948, Det norske misjonsselskap, Stavanger, 1948. References are made to page numbers in this format: "Danbolt 1948:123"

Meling, Gunnar Andreas and Maria Kjøllesdal (eds.), Guds høstfolk : Det norske misjonsselskaps misjonærer 1842-1977, Det norske misjonsselskap, Stavanger, 1977. Quotations in Norwegian are marked with a flag, and with the prefix "GH-1977:" See a list of abbreviations used in the book.

For references to overseas burial places for missionaries and their children we have partly made use of Det Norske Misjonsselskap : Misjonærgraver : Misjonærer og misjonærbarn som er døde på Madagaskar eller under reise til eller fra Madagaskar 1867-1994, by Fredrik Moss-Iversen, first published by the Norwegian Missionary Society in 1994 and in a revised edition in 2002.