Master i diakoni og kristent sosialt arbeid

Ønsker du å lære mer om den kristne tro og en profesjonell diakonal praksis i et globalt samfunn? Er du interessert i spørsmål som Hvordan er evangeliet relevant for mennesker i nød? Se ikke lenger enn til vår internasjonale master.

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What are the greatest challenges to human dignity in your society? How can Christian fellowships become inclusive communities? A two-year Master in Diakonia and Christian Social Practice may be the right choice for you! This fulltime study is presented at our Oslo Campus.

The study provides theological and hermeneutical knowledge, ethical competence, management and leadership skills, research skills, intercultural and interreligious skills, and interdisciplinary working proficiency.

The intent of the programme is to produce graduates who qualify for both practical and leadership positions within diaconal activities and institutions as well as value based social service agencies, whether they are Christian or public welfare based.

After completing the programme you will have

Obtained the knowledge of the theory and practice of diakonia, as well as the professional competence required to function within congregations, institutions and organizations. This knowledge includes a basic understanding of Christian theology.

Acquired an integrated and professional understanding of diaconal approaches and methods that express international and ecumenical awareness, interdisciplinary perspectives, perspectives of participation and gender awareness in relation to diaconal practice.

Gained competency in facing the major contemporary challenges within diaconal action related to the struggle for justice, stewardship of Creation, building inclusive fellowships, and expressing love for one's neighbour.

Developed his/her competence in applying acquired knowledgerelated to understanding, methods and problem solving – in new and unfamiliar environments.

Application deadline

Fall 2017 should be submitted between October 1st, 2016 and February 1st, 2017 for students who need visa to Norway.

For applicants living in Norway the application period is from February 1st to April 15th, 2017.


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13. august 2017




Heltid, 2017–2018

Semesteravgift: Kr 460
Kopiavgift: Kr 270
Studieavgift: Kr 4000
Totalt per semester: Kr 4730

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Kari Jordheim


Kari Jordheim
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Les opptakskravene før du søker

You must hold a bachelor’s degree (minimum three year full time study, 180 ECTS) in social work, nursing, education in social sciences, theology, social service administration (or equivalent) as well as sufficient proficiency in English.


The programme has two main target groups:

  • All students with own funding who want to attend the complete programme.
  • Students from other master’s programmes who want to attend parts of the programme as exchange students.

Only applicants who finish their degree before the admission deadline is eligible to apply.

Entry requirements

Academic entry requirements: You must hold a bachelor’s degree (minimum three year full time study, 180 ECTS) in social work, nursing, education in social sciences, theology, social service administration (or equivalent) as well as sufficient proficiency in English (see below).

Your bachelor’s degree must be achieved at a nationally accredited institution of higher education. Consult with your national authorities concerning this.

Additional requirements: You will also need a written recommendation from a representative of a local church or organization, focusing on your abilities, and the need for this master’s competence within the church or organization.

Advanced knowledge about Christianity and the Old and the New Testament is needed.

English proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English, must document their English language proficiency. This should be documented by TOEFL or IELTS test results.

Please note that TOEFL/IELTS tests are only considered valid for 2 years after the test date.

In some circumstances we will accept test results from other methods of examination. Applicants from English-speaking Africa, or applicants with a degree taught in English from India, Pakistan or the Middle East are not automatically exempt from submitting an English language test.

TOEFL CODE VID Specialized University: B464


Please note that a study option in itself does not provide a Norwegian study permit for applicants outside EU/EEA. After admission you must apply for a student residence permit in Norway.

Applicants from outside the EU/EEA area must therefor document that they can finance their stay in Norway. (For 2016 minimum NOK 100 920,00. Please confer with UDI’s websites for the exact amount at any time).

Applicants who do not provide satisfactory documented evidence for financing, will be rejected regardless of academic qualifications.


For further information, contact [[opptak]]

International applicant

Please read more about admission for international students.

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